It's all about the Stork

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

The makings of Quirky Stork 

Quirky Stork was founded with a singular mission: to inspire women around the world. Our mission is to completely reinvent the way women experience their period, Femininity can be defined in more ways than one and this box embodies that principal. 

The fact is, PMS symptoms are real and while every woman has very different symptoms, we know that women feel pain, fatigue, and sometimes unstable moods. Our package addresses every need – we take care of the essentials with an assortment of fem-care items from brands you love and trust ranging from Always pads to Summer’s Eve feminine wipes. we also add some surprise and delight items like a bath bomb or a Ghirardelli chocolate square. 

Our founders realized Shopping for feminine products was growingly frustrating, inefficient, and confusing. How are customers supposed to navigate the vast range of options? And in the growing market of feminine care and beauty, how could they try products without buying them all (and going bankrupt in the process)? Quirky Stork was the answer. The peculiar stork that would allow women to experience several feminine products at once, the best of the brands they trust along with some new brands for them to grow to love.